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Our Vision

To become a unique technically capable and proactive entity, able to contribute effectively to the rational development of sustainable human settlements in Ghana.

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Our Mission

To plan, control and ensure the harmonious, sustainable and cost effective development of human settlements in accordance with sound environmental and planning principles.                                       


The Town and Country Planning Department as an institution exists to facilitate the sustainable development of human settlements in the municipality to ensure compatibility of land uses for economy, safety and aesthetics among other factors.


The mandate of the department is derived from five main legal instruments, namely;

  • Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462).
  • National Development Planning Commission Act, 1994 (Act 479);
  • National Development Planning (Systems) Act, 1994 (Act 480);
  • National Building Regulation, 1996 (LI 1630)
  • Town and Country Planning Ordinance, 1945 (Cap 84)


  • Preparation of land use plans (planning schemes) to direct and guide the growth and sustainable development of human settlements in the municipality.
  • Performing site inspection in an effort to advise clients on planned landuses to avoid acquisition of sites for  roads, waterways, nature reserve and other public use areas.
  • Assessment of zoning status of lands and proposals of re-zoning and landuse change where necessary.
  • Administration of land use management procedures in settlements and channeling of day to day physical developments into efficient forms and sound environmental places of residence, work and recreation.
  • Processing of development/building permit application documents for consideration by the Statutory Planning Committees.
  • Creating awareness about the need to obtain planning and developments permits, as well as the right procedure to use.
  • Spatial Adviser to the Assembly on Physical Planning and Developmental Issues
  • Coordinates and supervises the implementation of official Planning Schemes of the Assembly
  • Responsible for the preparation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment for Structure Plans and any Local Plan prepared by the Assembly.
  • Prepare reports on all land use plans presented to, or prepared by, the Physical Planning Section and make recommendations to the Assembly through Statutory Planning Committee for their acceptance, rejection or for modifications as required


  • Rational and sustainable human settlements development.
  • Increased collaboration between the department, the land sector agencies and the institutions responsible for providing utility services aimed at cost reduction in the development of human settlements.
  • A decentralised and participatory approach to land use planning and management involving chiefs, land owners, estate developers and the general public.
  • High levels of efficiency and integrity in the processing of applications for building and development permits.
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