1. When any person desire to marry under ordinance within the Adentan Municipal, one of the couple to the intended marriage would have to give notice of the marriage at the Marriage registry of the Adentan Municipal Assembly for twenty one (21) days. The Notice is to inform the public the opportunity to raise any questions on the intended notice of marriage.
  2.  If no impediment or any other lawful hindrance is raised by any one against the marriage within the 21 days of notice of marriage, the registrar then issues a certificate to the couple to enable them to go ahead and celebrate the marriage at any registered place of their choice.

These include any licensed church, or at the premises of the Adentan Municipal Assembly .The Registrar’s Certificate however expires three months from the date notice given.

  1. If a couple decides to sign the marriage certificate at the premises of the Adentan Municipal Assembly, a date is chosen by the couple immediately after the 21 days of the notice of marriage. The intended date and the signing is then performed on any Friday of the week, after customary rites are performed.


Current Rates are: Marriage forms                                   2.00

Notice of Marriage & Registrar’s certificate                     70.00

Re notice, Registrar’s certificate & signing ceremony     100.00

Rates are subject to review yearly via the fee fixing resolution.

NB:  At least a couple or partner needs to be present to start the procedure.



Husband & Wife                  


Marital Status



Dwelling Place

Duration of Residence

Consent & By Whom Given

Father’s Name & Profession


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