The Metropolitan/ Municipal/ District Assemblies which are created as the basic unit of government administration assigned with the overall development of the various areas within their jurisdiction, are  responsible for the effective mobilization of financial and other resources for development, improvement and management of settlement and the environment in the various catchment areas.

Mobilization of funds by the assemblies is done through the issuing of Business Operating permit, Building permit, and collection of property rate as well as proceeds from the mounting of billboards and other signages. This fund is termed as the ‘Internally Generated Fund’ (IGF). Twenty percent (20%) of this fund is to be channeled into developmental projects in the various districts and municipalities.

The Adentan Municipality has, since its creation has benefited from various development projects from the assembly’s internally generated fund. In 2014, the assembly purchased a Nissan Pick-up at the cost Ninety-Eight Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₡98,000.00) out of the IGF. This vehicle was donated to the Adentan Police Command to support their operations in the municipality. This has helped the police in their security activities within the area.

In the past, the assembly has rehabilitated twenty unit shed at the Ogbojo market, supplied 1500 Dual Desk to public schools and all these were done out of the various taxes paid by business owners and residents within the municipality.

Recently completed projects under IGF are the extension if electricity to Ogbojo and Amrhaia schools, rehabilitation of Adjiriganor CHIP compound.

The above mentioned projects which are serving people within the municipality couldn’t have been realized without the tax payer yet some residents still deny the assembly of these taxes as they refuse to pay. Do we continue to deny our community of such development by refusing to honour our obligation? 

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